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pbmodelmaking is located in the UK


Traditional Modelmaking, Precision Laser cutting / Laser Engraving, 3D Printing

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Product Design Model Making Service

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A range of 4 Display models to highlight the Customers woven fabric

Multiple small 1/38th scale 3D Printed models sent to owner of full size aircraft in Florida USA for marketing

1/24th scale model of car transporter to sit in Owner of Transport company's office

Multiple replica 3D Printed models

of fire safety hats given out as retirement presents

Whatever your Prototype, Promotional Product or design idea as Experienced skilled Product Design,Prototype Model Makers we can quickly turn your idea into a highly detailed model of your product that will help pass your concept onto others, We can 3D print, Laser cut or handcraft your Product Design-Prototype model from your CAD Files or create the required CAD file from your Sketch,Drawing or Idea.

Looking for 1 product or multiples we are here to help, we can manufacture your master for multiples then reproduce as many as you require with the help of our casting and moulding department.

Supply us with the necessary information and we can paint finish and apply graphics to your specification.


With any model we manufacture we realise confidentiality of design may be important therefore all details, drawings, etc are delt with in confidence.

As a result of this many of our completed projects are not shown on website.

air amb huey front

1/6th Scale Huey Helicopter

Scratch built flying model

and winner of

Scale Helicopter Championship

2008 - 2009


1/6th Scale Ecureuil Helicopter

Scratch built flying model

and 2nd place

Scale Helicopter Championship

2008 - 2009



1/6th Scale OH6A Loach

Scratch built flying model

and 3nd place

Scale Helicopter Championship

2008 - 2009


Product Design Model Making,Model Makers Model Making Sculpture Scotland London UK

Handcrafted Advertising Model

Product Design

Prototype Model

Laser cut whisky barrels 3D Printing service Scotland 3D Printing service Glasgow

Laser Cut Wood

Whiskey Barrel

3D Printed ABS Jigs used to form Laser cut Wood Slats

SLA Rapid prototype Glasgow Scotland

3D Printed masters,

Resin cast multiples

Laser cutting service Edinburgh

Laser cut brush holder


Handcrafted Advertising Model