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pbmodelmaking is located in the UK


Traditional Modelmaking, Precision Laser cutting / Laser Engraving, 3D Printing

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With the latest in 3D printing technology I can transform your 3D cad design into a high resolution part or assembly.

Over 30 materials in stock enables us to manufacture almost any prototype or functional part



Medium strength with a matt finish


Available in 10 colours



High Impact resistance with a matt finish


available in 3 colours



Tough and Durable with a Semi matt finish


available in 5 colours



Resistant to salts, acids, oil


available in 1 colour

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Real wood 3D Printing

Available in - Cork, Bamboo, Pine



Perfect for-


Functional prototypes


Mechanical Parts


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ABS 3D Printing 0.9mm Layer Height

Ultra ABS 3D Printing 0.9mm Layer Height

ABS 3D Printing 0.9mm Layer Height

ABS 3D Printing 0.14mm Layer Height